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If you join our Mailing List as a "Volunteer", you will be contacted by email about any volunteer opportunities to serve on the Bay Area Response Team to conduct shoreline assessments, cleanup of non-oiled beaches, or other volunteer tasks that do NOT require specialized oil spill response training.

If you join our Mailing List in any other category, you will be emailed News Releases, Meeting Notices, Agendas and Minutes of our CTCAC public meetings and community events.  All public meetings and community events are open to the public, including community residents, government elected officials, and news media representatives.  Joining our Mailing List does not obligate you to become a CTCAC Member.

Your contact information will not be distributed or sold to others, but if you prefer not to answer any question, just leave the answer blank.  For details, scroll over "Contact Us" and click on our "Privacy Notice".

If you want to become a CTCAC Member and serve on a CTCAC Workgroup, you must submit an online Membership Application that describes your education, incident response experience, NIMS ICS training, and other qualifications.  For more information about each CTCAC Workgroup, scroll over "About Us" and click on the Workgroup's name.  To view our Membership Application, scroll over "Contact Us" and click on "Membership Application". 

Questions?  Please contact CTCAC Executive Administrator Patrick Cuty at 281-464-4723 or Public Information Workgroup Co-Chair PA1 Andy Kendrick at 281-464-4810 during regular business hours.

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